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Jan 20 2010

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i’m not sure where i got it from, and i didn’t realize it was permanent, and so now i’m going to be signing all of my posts that way.  onyourkneesandplay definitely came from a quote though.  so i’m officially claiming no responsibility for the creativity or stupidity of the phrase.

i am wondering how one deals with a sense of relentless dissatisfaction and disappointment.  i usually have an anecdote per privileged day of life that amuses me, tonight no different.  my privilege alone should be enough to shut me up.  i have food and steady income and my place is posh (well, we don’t have infestations).  it’s not like we have a microwave or anything fancy.

my apartment doesn’t have the capacity to run a microwave in fact, so it’s not posh by the standards of the average usa citizen.  in the eyes of most people though… absolutely decadent.

the lupus right now feels like i’d imagine shark teeth sawing through my bones would feel.  or maybe like being put in an electric chair.  i am wide fucking awake.

speaking of things that should never have been invented – the government!  two interesting happenings.  the demoncrats whine up a doozey about how a porn star is elected to senate in Massachusetts.  i am impressed yet not surprised by the hypocrisy of the liberals who complain about his gay bashing and then bash him for being a porn model.  sure, the magazine says it’s for women, but everyone knows more men than women subscribe to Playgirl and sex workers are oppressed people.  he may not be oppressed (clearly), but the message it sends when we make fun of his nudie pics is it’s ok to make fun of others’ nudie pics.  and i will never forget how badly i wanted Stormy Daniels to become a senator in Louisiana.  I’d hate it if everyone was screaming about her nudie pics after she got elected to office…

but who am i kidding?  a FEMALE porn star could NEVER make it into government.  the usa is far too conservative and oppressive for that.

what i am surprised about is that obama hasn’t pardoned Mumia Abu-Jamal yet.  I mean, this has got to stop.  I thought for sure this appeal would be it, but now prosecutors have been granted an appeal?  He’s been locked up for his daughter’s entire fucking life, framed and made to pay for all of the political lefts’ supposed attacks on the system.  Perhaps the most profoundly intelligent individual currently existing, it makes sense that the government wishes he be assassinated.  But he’s too powerful and he’s already changed the world, and continues to.

Why hasn’t Obama pardoned him?  Obama is friends with Bill Ayers, a foundational member of the Weathermen Underground (his wife was the founder and “leader,” per se), an organization that was close with the Black Panther Party, whose mission Mumia has been impaled for dedicating himself to.  The Black Panthers did more for society than I can get into here, so I recommend a wiki poke around to all of you.  They certainly accomplished more than the Weathermen.

Obama hasn’t pardoned Abu-Jamal because it would be campaign suicide.  I don’t believe that a man as intelligent as him would be able to lend a glance to the case without raising a brow to the foul play immediately.  I can only hope that Mumia’s trial lasts until the end of Obama’s term, at the end of which if he hasn’t pardoned Abu-Jamal I will shit myself.

We cannot allow this man to die.  It will be one of society’s greatest loses.

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